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Contact us today to book your next white water rafting adventure! Use our clickable Map below to get directions from your location. Kaweah White Water Adventures is located in Three Rivers is between the market and post office, pictured below. It is hard to miss!

P.O. Box 1059
Three Rivers, CA 93271


A word from the Owner -

I never get tired of the Kaweah River! It is one of the most exciting rivers out of all of the rivers in California for me. I just really enjoy taking people down the river, it’s great to see the excitement and the response that I get from the people that go down the river with us.

A Few Words from our Clients -

“These guys are really down to earth! Clearly you are not treated like just a customer, it's more personal, it's a good relationship and lunch was delicious!”

“Its pretty exhilarating. The water is cold and it is beautiful outside! Even if you don't like the rush that you get from things like rafting, it is just gorgeous out here so there is something for everybody!”

“It was awesome man! I liked how it was really like pretty intense at the beginning”

“short fast and has a lot packed into it! you're never bored, it has a lot packed into it.”

“very exciting lots of action”