Rafting the Kaweah River

Kaweah White Water Adventures is located in Three Rivers Ca, the gateway community to Sequoia National Park. The town of Three Rivers has a variety of accommodations, quaint shops, restaurants, and art galleries.

The Kaweah river has some of the finest whitewater rafting in Central and Southern California, so prepare for the unexpected as your team powers through the most challenging stretches of the river. The upper 6 miles of the kaweah river is continuous class 4 with hardly any breaks. The lower 4 miles is class 3 and we take families down on that which continues on after lunch.

When we put in it's an immediate class 4. People have to respond. if they fall out of the raft they have to do something to help themselves.

You don't have much of a break between paddles, the eddies are short and in between to get back together and a lot of people fall out of the boat every day, it is part of the excitement, it is very continuous.

It's important to know the river at different heights because the Kaweah River is not controlled by a reservoir. You might have different heights day to day depending on how hot it is because the direct snow melt comes down with the temperatures from the day before, its gonna determine the next day's flow. It is important to know just where the water will be moving so we take different routes. Some routes are easier than others and we try to customize for our different clients also just how easy or exciting we want to make the river trip.

Rafting the kaweah river is an adrenaline rush and it is also a real confidence builder. Especially when someone does falls out of the boat in a class 4 rapid, and they feel like they survived that when we pull em back in the boat. Its another step up for them just knowing that they did it and it wasn't as bad as they thought that it might be.