10 Fun Pool Rafts to Make a Splash This Summer: A Guide for Pool Lovers [with Statistics and Tips]

10 Fun Pool Rafts to Make a Splash This Summer: A Guide for Pool Lovers [with Statistics and Tips]

What are Fun Pool Rafts?

Fun pool rafts are inflatable toys or devices used for leisure purposes in swimming pools. These rafts come in different shapes and sizes, with some designed to accommodate more than one person. They can be made with various materials like PVC and vinyl, making them durable and long-lasting.

Fun pool rafts provide a perfect way to relax and enjoy the swimming pool while soaking up the sun’s rays. Some models feature different compartments for holding drinks and snacks, adding an element of convenience to your pool party experience. Whether you want a simple floating raft or something with more features, there is sure to be fun pool raft that suits your needs perfectly.

How to Choose the Perfect Fun Pool Raft for Your Needs

Summer is here and you’re probably looking for ways to make a splash in your backyard pool. Nothing quite matches the feeling of lounging on a pool raft as the sun beats down on your face. However, choosing the perfect fun pool raft can be an overwhelming task with so many options available in the market. That being said, don’t worry because after reading this blog post, you’ll know exactly how to choose the perfect fun pool raft to meet all your needs.

Consider Your Pool Size

First things first, consider your pool size before purchasing a fun pool raft. If you have a small or medium-sized pool, it’s best to stick with rafts that aren’t too large as they may overcrowd and limit space for other swimmers. On the other hand, if you have a large pool, then you can choose larger rafts since there’ll be more than enough space.

Choose Your Preferred Shape and Design

Pool rafts come in various shapes and designs such as round-shaped floats, rectangular rafts or funky shaped rafts such as unicorns and flamingos. Decide on what kind of design would suit your taste depending on your personality or who else will be joining you in the water.

Material of Raft

When picking out a fun pool raft take note of its materials as some can help extend their lifespan whilst others might not survive through harsh weather conditions like UV radiation from exposure to sunlight, saltwater or chlorine damages causing the material/raft fade over time leading to tears or holes appearing much quicker than usual.Discover which materials are most environmentally friendly before make purchase by checking compatibility against different conditions around us which directly lead into long-lasting or shorter warrantied inflatable toys.
It’s best to opt for durable PVC plastic material-based floats like those crafted by Intex since they’re reinforced with additional layers that prevent tearing during use.

Comfort Level

You don’t want to stay cramped up while floating all day long, do you? That’s why comfort is a massive factor when choosing the perfect fun pool raft for your needs. Rafts that come with backrests, cup holders or armrests usually provide more comfort than those without. You can also go for inflatable pillows on most raft designs to get maximum relaxation from your time spent at the pool.


This may seem like an unnecessary feature to consider but it’s important because a good-looking pool float could add personality and style to your pool environs. Some colors work excellently in the sun and reflect light using glitters or a shiny eye-catching surface of metallised designed prints.

Safety Comes First

Even though we’re looking for fun while lounging in our backyard pools, safety must always come first – especially if children will be enjoying this too! Purchase floats that have handles as they help with balance while providing aid when entering or leaving the pools edges, ensure anti-tip toe holes are placed near all edges on holed rafts which prevent slipping feet down into water through those holes which causes poses choking risk factors against children thereby preventing any forms of unwanted experiences happening.
Another recommendation would be to choose brightly colored floats when intending only with children to ensure heightened visibility by everyone within its surround area.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a perfect fun pool raft catering to all needs will indeed guarantee you memorable summer moments for years ahead! So take your time going over these steps before purchasing one – think about design preferences, material quality levels, comfort features, color options available besides ensuring intangible features like handling abilities and considering safety measures (especially around kids)all taken into account before making final choices. With all that being said- put sunscreen on extra thick & relax at ease as you enjoy floating on an amazingly surreal oasis made just for you!!

Step-by-Step Instructions for Crafting Your Own DIY Fun Pool Raft

Ah, summer pool days! The perfect excuse to sit back, relax and soak up the sun; but what’s a pool party without a few toys? While inflatable floats are great and all, why not step up your game with a DIY fun pool raft?! Not only is it cost-effective, but it’s also unique and adds personality to your summer get-togethers. From an inner tube hammock to a tropical island-like raft with a built-in cooler (yes, you read that right), we’ve got step-by-step instructions for crafting your own DIY fun pool raft!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials
First things first – gather the necessary tools and supplies! You’ll need:

– A foam noodle(s) or pool toy(s)
– A tarp or plastic sheeting
– Bungee cords or rope
– A waterproof/glue sealant (optional)
– Any additional decor items such as fabric, inflatable drink holders, etc.

Keep in mind that depending on the design of your raft, you may need different materials.

Step 2: Create Your Base
The base is the foundation of your raft so start there. Lay out your tarp on flat ground and place the foam noodles/pool toys onto it in the desired shape. From here, connect them together using bungee cords or rope by weaving through the holes in each noodle/toy until securely tied together. Feel free to add more noodles/toys if needed. Once connected into one piece, use scissors to trim off any excess tarp around the edges so they’re flush with your base shape.

Step 3: Add Comfort & Style
While you could just settle for a plain raft at this point – who wants plain?! Get creative! Wrap foam padding around your base as well as over it in some areas for added comfort while lounging and then secure with bungee cord/rope again. Then attach fabric (cut to fit your base shape) with glue or sealant (optional) for an added touch of personality. Want something extra special? Consider adding inflatable drink holders or even a small cooler system!

Step 4: Enjoy the Results!
Once you’re happy with your creation, take it on down to the pool and enjoy a sunny day soaking up rays aboard your DIY fun pool raft! It’s sure to add some pizzazz to any summer party and wow guests with your crafting skills.

So there you have it – a step-by-step guide to creating your own personalized DIY fun pool raft! With some imagination and creativity, there are endless possibilities for what you can create. Grab your supplies, bask in the sunshine, and let the crafting begin. Happy floating!

Fun Pool Rafts FAQ: All of Your Questions Answered!

Have you ever lounged on a fun pool raft in the summertime, sipping on a cold drink and feeling the water gently rock beneath you? There are few things more enjoyable than soaking up some rays and relaxing on a colorful floaty. However, with so many different kinds of pool rafts available out there, it can be tough to choose just one. That’s where we come in! Check out our Fun Pool Rafts FAQ for answers to all your questions about these summer staples.

Q: What are pool rafts made of?
A: Pool rafts can be made from a variety of materials, but most commonly they’re crafted from vinyl or PVC. These materials are durable, flexible, and hold up well against exposure to water and sunlight.

Q: How do I inflate my pool raft?
A: Inflating a pool raft is typically pretty simple – most models come with either a hand pump or are designed to be inflated using an air compressor. Just make sure to follow the instructions that come with your specific model!

Q: Can I leave my pool raft outside when not in use?
A: While it’s technically possible to leave your inflatable pool raft outside for extended periods of time (especially if it’s made from high-quality materials), it’s generally recommended that you store them indoors when not in use. Sunlight and heat can cause the material to break down over time.

Q: How long do most pool rafts last?
A: The lifespan of your inflatable pool raft will depend on several factors, such as how often you use it and how well you take care of it. If kept in good condition, you should be able to enjoy yours for multiple summers!

Q: Are there any safety tips I should follow while using my pool raft?
A: Yes! Always make sure that children are supervised around the water (even if they’re using floats). Additionally, avoid placing heavy objects on the raft or using it in areas with strong currents or choppy waves. Finally, make sure the air pressure is correctly balanced before use to prevent capsizing.

Q: Can I repair a pool raft if it gets a hole?
A: Yes! Most pool rafts come with patch kits designed to help you fix any holes that might occur over time. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully and take your time!

Q: Are there different types of pool rafts?
A: Absolutely! There are all sorts of fun designs available, from classic round floats to elaborate animal-shaped ones. Some even come equipped with built-in cup holders or shade covers!

With these frequently asked questions, you should find choosing your ideal pool raft a breeze this summer – happy sunbathing!

Top 5 Facts about the Most Popular Fun Pool Rafts on the Market

As the hot summer months approach, many of us crave a refreshing dip in the pool. And what better way to enjoy the cool waters than with a fun and trendy pool raft? But with so many designs and options available on the market today, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your needs. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top 5 facts about the most popular fun pool rafts circulating in the market right now.

1. Glitters are In – It’s all about glitter! The current trend shows that people love adding shines to their floats as it enhances its overall appearance under sunny environments. You can find great options ranging from glitter unicorn and flamingo floats to sequin-filled donuts or pineapple rafts. Everyone will surely envy you and your sparkling water buddy!

2. Oversized Floats are Trending – Big is beautiful! Oversized rafts have become immensely popular for several reasons: they allow you to lounge comfortably alone or with friends, add dramatic flair to your photos, and provide maximum relaxation by keeping you fully hydrated while intermittently dipping in between conversations.

3. Food-shaped Rafts are a Huge Hit – If you’re feeling snacky but want to avoid extra indulgence calories poolside, satisfy your hunger pangs by floating on food-shaped inflatable goodies such as ice cream cones, pizza slices and doughnuts without worrying about the calories.

4. Splash-proof Pockets Offer Convenience – Splash-proof pockets have made their way into beach bags in recent years–and now into our favorite pool floats too! These handy pockets offer swimmers worry-free storage for phones, sunglasses or small snacks during long hours of fun under the sun.

5. Advanced Safety Features – Gone are those days when our parents used inflated truck tubes for tubing or backyard hoses as water attractions growing up; today’s modern raft has embraced safety elements such as handles for easy grip options when climbing off or on the raft, reinforced stitching to ensure longer life span and higher weight capacity.

No matter what your preferences or budget are, there’s a pool raft out there for everyone. From trendy glitter rafts to oversized food-shaped floats with splash-proof pockets, you’ll find plenty of variety in today’s market that checks all your boxes. So grab a glass of cold lemonade and stretch out on your favorite float–let the summer fun begin!

Why Everyone Needs a Fun Pool Raft in Their Summer Arsenal

Summer is here, and it’s time to hit the pool and have some fun in the sun. But what’s missing from your summer arsenal? A fun pool raft! You may think that a simple floatie will do the trick, but oh no my friends, you need something more entertaining to elevate your pool game.

First of all, who doesn’t love a good Instagram photo op? A fun pool raft makes for great content on social media. Imagine lounging on a giant slice of pizza or floating on a majestic unicorn while your friends snap envy-inducing pics. The options are endless; there are rafts shaped like donuts, flamingos, watermelons, and more.

But wait, a fun pool raft isn’t just about aesthetics. It also serves practical purposes. Have you ever tried to read a book or sip on a drink while floating on a regular old floatie? It’s nearly impossible! With an inflatable raft that has built-in cup holders and spacious areas to spread out with your reading material or snacks, you can enjoy the ultimate relaxation experience in style.

Not only is it functional and aesthetically pleasing but having one always spices things up when at backyard bbqs with friends. Instead of simply sticking their toes in as they swap pleasantries over conversation starters like ‘the weather’, people will actually want to jump into the pool since you have such cool glamorous rafts available for somxwimming entertainment!

Lastly, having an outstanding pool accessory might impress potential guests at upcoming events! This type of detail adds flavor through its uniqueness which sets the tone for other events they attend knowing whoever hosted THAT party had such creative edge.

In conclusion, imagine drifting away in complete tranquility without losing style points; well now it is attainable this summer with awesome quirky inflatables because not everyone goes for flamboyant floats which could put you ahead of others on-the-scene…who knows maybe next year the trend is worth millions so better get yourself that slice of pizza or flamingo and enjoy your summer in comfort and style.

Unleashing Your Inner Child with These Hilariously Entertaining Fun Pool Rafts.

When summer rolls around, there’s nothing better than a refreshing dip in the pool. But why settle for just swimming laps and lounging on a traditional raft when you can unleash your inner child with some hilariously entertaining fun pool rafts?

First on the list is the classic giant inflatable unicorn. This mythical creature has taken over social media and for good reason – it’s adorable, whimsical, and perfect for Instagram-worthy photos. Plus, who wouldn’t want to feel like a magical creature while floating around in their backyard oasis?

Next up, we have the infamous giant pizza slice raft. Because who doesn’t love pizza? This clever raft comes complete with pepperoni slices, mushrooms and even olives for that authentic look. It’s perfect for lazy days in the sun while pretending to be a teenage mutant ninja turtle.

For those looking to add an element of competition to their pool party, look no further than the motorized bumper boats. With built-in water cannons and realistic steering controls, these little vessels promise hours of splashing fun with friends and family.

If you’re not into inflatables or high-tech gadgets but still want to liven things up, consider adding a floating beer pong table to your arsenal of pool games. You can enjoy cold drinks while playing one of America’s beloved drinking games without ever leaving the water!

Last but not least is every college student’s dream home – The Lazy Dayz Inflatable Island Lounger Raft – great for summertime crowds because it fits six people comfortably due to its massive size which is approximately 155 x 110 inches! This island lounger is perfect for relaxing poolside or soaking up rays as you drift across your backyard oasis.

Unleashing your inner child can be easy by incorporating some of these hilariously entertaining fun pool rafts in to your summer activities this year! Whether it’s channeling your inner mermaid with a giant unicorn or battling it out in bumper boats, you’re guaranteed to have a splashing good time. So grab your sunscreen and swimsuit, and let the fun begin!

Table with useful data:

Raft name Size (inches) Capacity (lbs) Price (USD)
Intex River Run 53 x 53 220 29.99
Kelsyus Floating Hammock 69 x 35 250 34.99
Aqua Leisure 4-in-1 54 x 52 200 24.99
GoFloats Unicorn Party Tube 45 x 3 500 19.99
Swimline Watermelon Slice 60 x 50 250 19.99

Information from an Expert:

When it comes to choosing the perfect pool raft for some fun in the sun, there are a few things you should consider. Firstly, think about who will be using the raft – children or adults? This will affect the size and weight capacity you need. Secondly, what kind of activities do you have in mind? Are you looking for a lounging float or something more interactive like a volley-ball net? Lastly, keep in mind the material – high-quality materials will last longer and withstand frequent use. By taking these factors into consideration, your pool experience is sure to be both fun and safe!

Historical Fact:

Pool rafts have been in existence since the early 20th century, with the first recorded patent for an inflatable pool raft being filed in 1913 by Frederick Ruffner of Akron, Ohio. The popularity of inflatable pool rafts increased in the 1950s and 1960s with the rise of suburban neighborhoods and backyard pools. Today, fun pool rafts come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from classic doughnut designs to giant pizza slices.

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